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Random Artwork
  » Nov 27, 2020  

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  Raphael Nouril

The Artist

Raphael Nouril is at the forefront of classical art and contemporary Jewish art.
He has produced paintings depicting key religious and political figures and all aspects of Jewish family life. In addition, he has painted a wide selection of secular subjects, including still life, metropolitan landscapes and portraits of celebrities and monarchs.

Born in 1940 in Tabriz, Iran, Raphael Nouril's early promise as an artist was nurtured throughout his childhood as he drew and painted images gleaned from books, films and other sources which caught his searching eye and enquiring mind. However, to bring some formal shape to his talent, Raphael studied for four years under Reza Samini, an Iranian artist of rare skill and immense reputation. Under Samini's tutelage, his artistic sensibility matured and his reputation grew. But the quest to improve meant he had to abandon narrow national borders and attitudes.
Leaving Iran, Raphael moved to Paris, France to study at the world renowned École des Beaux-Arts. In search of new things, he was disappointed when the teachers turned him away because his talent already exceeded classroom expectations. They could do nothing more than advise him and encourage him to study the work of the old masters in various galleries and museums around Paris on his own. On completion of his now mandated self-taught studies, he left Paris to travel again.
Emigrating to London in 1970 proved a master stroke. Exhibitions and commissions followed and important people from the world of politics and business became his subjects. Now, his international reputation was secured.Raphael has painted portraits of known personalities including Dr. Henry Kissinger and the renowned portrait of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, World leader of the Chabad movement. He was commissioned by the Western Marble Arch Synagogue to paint the portrait of the Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks, which was presented in 1998. In 2000, also in London, he was commissioned to paint a portrait of Lord Immanuel Jakobivits (the late Emeritus Chief Rabbi) by the Friends of Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv, for permanent display in the university.
Raphael has exhibited internationally including exhibitions at the National Heritage Gallery of Fine Art, Los Angeles (1986-1990), The Park Walk Gallery, Harrods, London, Library of Oxford University and the House of Commons, London
Following his success in New York, he was chosen to stage a solo exhibition in London at the Julian Simon Fine Art Gallery.

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