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Random Artwork
  » Apr 19, 2024  

Do you know that
Artists commonly use the Giclee printing processes to create high end limited edition reproductions of their original artwork. On a per-print basis, a Giclee print is more expensive than traditional methods used to create such replicas, but artists can print and sell each Giclee print individually matching demand making Giclee a very economical alternative for creating limited edition prints.

An added advantage of Giclee printing is that the artist can have complete control in all aspects of the image. Alterations, color, size, and what it is printed on can all be manipulated by the artist, along with the freedom for the artist to own and operate the printer as well. Giclee printing has been rapidly growing and becoming the number one choice of fine art reproductions. Many printer and print media manufacturers have been working to improve their product contributing tremendously to the increase in overall Giclee print quality.

  Yossi Rosenstein

Mr. Rosensteinís works have earned him an international reputation as a translator of Biblical themes to living art. Tremendous thought and creative talent are invested in each masterpiece. To achieve his goal of interpreting the ancient truths of Judaism to modern man, he combines modern symbolism with the techniques of classic art. The extra dimension of the profound thought embodied in each painting is a unique accomplishment which has become the watermark of Mr. Rosensteinís works.

A ninth-generation native of the Holy Land, Mr. Rosenstein comes from a distinguished rabbinical family. He himself studied in the renowned Ponevtitch Yeshivah of Bnei Brak and in Chevron Yeshivah in Jerusalem. His work was first exhibited in 1971. For many years he was represented exclusively by the prestigious Auerbach Fine Arts Gallery, on Manhattanís Madison Avenue.

Mr. Rosenstein has, in fact, developed a profound form of Jewish art. This is not Judaica, or decorative Jewish art, but rather an innovative and unique method of expressing the ancient truths of Judaism.

One of the main themes running through Mr. Rosensteinís work is the eternal quality of Torah. Each verse of the Bible, he stresses, has its application in every aspect of our lives, day in and day out.

Recently, Mr. Rosensteinís work has been displayed at Gallery Alexander, in New York, an address well-known to American connoisseurs of Jewish Art. We are gratified to make Mr. Rosensteinís work known to the greater public through Arachimís calendar for the coming year.

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