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Random Artwork
  » Sep 24, 2023  

Do you know that
Giclee is a term invented for the procedure of creating fine art prints through a digital supplier using inkjet printing. The word “Giclee”, which is based on the French word “gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, was originated by a printmaker named Jack Duganne.

It was created to represent inkjet based digital prints that were used as fine art and to distinguish the customary industrial “Iris proofs” from the fine art prints produced on those same kind of printers. Originally alotted for fine art prints produced on Iris printers with an operation invented early in the 1990’s, the term “Giclee” has since stood for any top quality inkjet print.
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  Aharon Yacobson (Yacobashvili)

Aharon Yacobson (Yacobashvili) Biography
Aharon Yakobson (Yakobashvili) was born in 1958 in Tbilisi ∓Georgia (the former USSR). In 1991, he was graduated from the Academy for Fine Arts in Tbilisi. He works in various genres. Noticed for his excellent style of paintings the artist was invited to work in Frankfurt (Germany) in 1992. In 1993, Aharon repatriated to Israel. The warm coloring and original brushwork contribute to the style of the artist paintings. German newspapers published very warm articles about him: ∜∦Essentially complex, his work made use of a phenomenal imagination, an unusually rich, innovative visual mind, a vast curiosity about techniques of all sorts, a profound poetic sensitivity, and an unquenchable passion for painting, as well as a strongly defined set of intellectual positions...' The artist participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Georgia, Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Israel and other countries. His works can be found in private collections in Israel, Georgia, United States, Russia, Switzerland, Germany and other countries.
Since 1993 live in Israel

E x h i b i t i o n s
2011 VIII Biennale international France

1980-89 Tbilisi (Georgia) Collective and personal exhibitions

1989 Montreux (Switzerland) Collective exhibition of Georgian artists

1991 Mainz (Germany) Personal exhibition

Brindisi (Italy) Collective exhibition of Georgian artists
1992 Moscow (Russia) Collective exhibition of World Jewish artists in to central Pinter house

Moscow (Russia) Collective exhibition of Georgian artists

1996 Tel-Aviv (Israel) Personal exhibition

2001 Sank - Petersburg (Russia) Collective exhibition of Russian abstract art in to central Pinter house

(From Tanya&Natasha Kolodzei collection)

2001 Tbilisi (Georgia ) Personal exhibitions from Georgian private collection in to ,,Dzveli Galerea,,

2006 Tbilisi (Georgia) Collective exhibition of Georgian artists ,,The Jewis Themes of the Georgian painters,,
Pictures are in private collections

of Europe and America

Private Collection of Tanya & Natasha Kolodzei Moscow - Washington

Private Collection of Givi Pharastashvili Tbilisi (Georgia )

Private Collection of Archil & Manana Darchia Tbilisi (Georgia )

Private Collection of George Epstein Los-angels (California)

Private Collection of Micel Nasberg Switzerland

Private Collection of George Kissinger Washington

Private Collection of Zviad & Manana Bokutshava Tbilisi (Georgia )

Private Collection of Temuri Yakobashvili Tbilisi (Georgia )

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