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Random Artwork
  » Jun 07, 2023  

Do you know that
Artists commonly use the Giclee printing processes to create high end limited edition reproductions of their original artwork. On a per-print basis, a Giclee print is more expensive than traditional methods used to create such replicas, but artists can print and sell each Giclee print individually matching demand making Giclee a very economical alternative for creating limited edition prints.

An added advantage of Giclee printing is that the artist can have complete control in all aspects of the image. Alterations, color, size, and what it is printed on can all be manipulated by the artist, along with the freedom for the artist to own and operate the printer as well. Giclee printing has been rapidly growing and becoming the number one choice of fine art reproductions. Many printer and print media manufacturers have been working to improve their product contributing tremendously to the increase in overall Giclee print quality.

  Valeriya Khomar

Valeriya Khomar Valeriya Khomar

Valeriya Khomar was born in Kiev, Ukraine where she was raised and classically educated
in ne arts. Valeriya's father, a talented, multidimensional artist, enrolled her in a
class at the Art Studio for Young Artists. Later, Valeriya graduated from an Art School
and then from an Art and Design College with numerous awards.
Valeriya had been participating at the local and regional exhibitions in Ukraine till her
arrival to Canada.
In 1995, Valeriya moved to Canada with her family and continued to study art at
Dawson College and Concordia University in Montreal.
Soon after, Valeriya started a successful career in Fashion industry as a graphic
designer and illustrator, doing visual presentations and artworks for the main apparel
companies in Montreal.
In the midst of a successful run, Valeriya made the life changing decision to go back to
her roots and build a creative career of her own. About 3 years ago she started her full
time career as a painter.
At rst an accomplished watercolorist, she moved toward acrylics and mixed media,
excited by the larger range of possibilities they oered. At this point, she developed as
an abstract painter in multiple medias.
Within a very short time Valeriya found an enthusiastic international audience for her
During the past year, she was participating at two incredible shows: the Biennale
Chianciano in Italy and at the Toronto Art Expo. Valeriya became a winner of November
2013 Competition “Igllloo” Gallery, and got awards from a number of International
juried competitions.
The Art Buzz Publishing awarded her painting 3rd place in acrylics for "The 2014
Collection” at the Annual International Juried Visual Arts Showcase in their annual
Valeriya’s art has been featured in Literacyhead and St.Petersburgh magazines.

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