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Random Artwork
  » Apr 19, 2024  

Do you know that
Artists commonly use the Giclee printing processes to create high end limited edition reproductions of their original artwork. On a per-print basis, a Giclee print is more expensive than traditional methods used to create such replicas, but artists can print and sell each Giclee print individually matching demand making Giclee a very economical alternative for creating limited edition prints.

An added advantage of Giclee printing is that the artist can have complete control in all aspects of the image. Alterations, color, size, and what it is printed on can all be manipulated by the artist, along with the freedom for the artist to own and operate the printer as well. Giclee printing has been rapidly growing and becoming the number one choice of fine art reproductions. Many printer and print media manufacturers have been working to improve their product contributing tremendously to the increase in overall Giclee print quality.

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Aharon Yacobson (Yacobashvili) (Zefat)

Biography Aharon Yakobson (Yakobashvili) was born in 1958 in Tbilisi ∓Georgia (the former USSR). In 1991, he was graduated from the Academy for Fine Arts in Tbilisi. He works in various genres. Noticed for his excellent style of paintings the artist was invited to work in Frankfurt (Germany) in 1992. In 1993, Aharon repatriated to Israel. The warm coloring and original brushwork contribute to the style of the artist paintings. German newspapers published very warm articles about him: ∜∦Essentially complex, his work made use of a phenomenal imagination, an unusually rich, innovative visual mind, a vast curiosity about techniques of all sorts, a profound poetic sensitivity, and an unquenchable passion for painting, as well as a strongly defined set of intellectual positions...' The artist participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Georgia, Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Israel and other countries. His works can be found in private collections in Israel, Georgia, United States, Russia, Switzerland, Germany and other countries. Since 1993 live in Israel ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E x h i b i t i o n s 2011 VIII Biennale international France 1980-89 Tbilisi (Georgia) Collective and personal exhibitions 1989 Montreux (Switzerland) Collective exhibition of Georgian artists 1991 Mainz (Germany) Personal exhibition Brindisi (Italy) Collective exhibition of Georgian artists 1992 Moscow (Russia) Collective exhibition of World Jewish artists in to central Pinter house Moscow (Russia) Collective exhibition of Georgian artists 1996 Tel-Aviv (Israel) Personal exhibition 2001 Sank - Petersburg (Russia) Collective exhibition of Russian abstract art in to central Pinter house (From Tanya&Natasha Kolodzei collection) 2001 Tbilisi (Georgia ) Personal exhibitions from Georgian private collection in to ,,Dzveli Galerea,, 2006 Tbilisi (Georgia) Collective exhibition of Georgian artists ,,The Jewis Themes of the Georgian painters,, ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pictures are in private collections of Europe and America Private Collection of Tanya & Natasha Kolodzei Moscow - Washington Private Collection of Givi Pharastashvili Tbilisi (Georgia ) Private Collection of Archil & Manana Darchia Tbilisi (Georgia ) Private Collection of George Epstein Los-angels (California) Private Collection of Micel Nasberg Switzerland Private Collection of George Kissinger Washington Private Collection of Zviad & Manana Bokutshava Tbilisi (Georgia ) Private Collection of Temuri Yakobashvili Tbilisi (Georgia ) ___________________________________________________________________

Jewish Wedding. Purim. Bar Mizva. Gold Jerusalem. Jewish Wedding II. Simchat Torach.

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  Aharon Yacobson (Yacobashvili) »

Alex Levin (Israel)

"I found Jewish art to be the most significant teaching tradition Jews employ to explore and pass down their cultural and religious identity. As I let the paint go off of my brush, I am fully aware that I am carrying on an ancient tradition of the Jewish People. Having the experience of living and creating Art in Israel brings a special meaning to me."

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  Alex Levin »

Boris Dubrov (Israel)

Creative range of the artist is broad and versatile. One can see here social features of Judaika as well as strict classicism and surrealisme, concealing the elements of erotic in landscapes.

Boris Dubrov Boris Dubrov II Debates Dubrov 3 Hassidic Dans Boris Dubrob 4

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  Boris Dubrov »

Boris Shapiro (Israel)


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  Boris Shapiro »

Elena Flerova (Moscow)

ELENA FLEROVA Historical Romantic. The works of internationally honored artist, Elena Flerova range from remarkably insightful portraits that capture the spirit of her subjects to large-scale monoprint paintings and oils. They also include wall murals, screens and other interior decoration for private residences and public buildings. All of them evoke the mystique, essence and sweep of historical and religious events and fables.

Children The Boy`s Time Tashlich X Fish Market. Children on the stairs Dreidel.

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  Elena Flerova »

Eric Lubiynov. (New York.)

Eric Lubiynov was born in Kalinin, Russia. From 1981 to 1985 he studied in Art College and than entered Moscow Art Academy which he graduated successfully in 1995. Since his graduation Eric participated in more than 20 exhibitions held in ,Russia, Israel, Austria, Germany, Check Republic and USA. He has created many drawings, watercolor and oil paintings - all expressing his emotions, his creative energy, and disposition of mind and soul. Eric Lubiynov is a Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Member of the Union of Artists of Israel. He currently lives in New York City performing interior design and art work for homes, offices, restaurants or any commercial spaces: individual custom made three dimensional technologies in wall design, venetian plaster, color washing, mosaic, glazing, marbling, staining glass, furniture painting. He does any custom made drawings and watercolor, acryl or oil paintings.

Eric 25. Eric 24. Eric 1. Erik 2. Erik 3. Eric 4.

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  Eric Lubiynov. »

Franciszek C. Kulon (United States.)

Franciszek C. Kulon a passionate, forceful painter, Kulon is influencing art through his striking ability to capture emotionalism on canvas. His artwork uniquely captures the spirit and soul of the subject painted. Kulon's brush strokes, through communication of color, balance and technique, make his paintings extraordinarily remarkable.

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  Franciszek C. Kulon »

Giclee on canvas. (Brooklyn)

Giclee -high quality print on canvas embellished.

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  Giclee on canvas. »


Israeli Artist

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  Gretty »

H. Weiss (United States)

In addition to his murals frescoes and stained glass windows H.Weiss is also known for work on canvas such as landscapes and portraits. He was introduced to art at an early age by his mother a painter and a pianist and his father who was an architect.

Still Life I. The Boy I. Blessing The New Moon I. The Violoncellist. Jerusalem I. Still Life II.

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  H. Weiss »

Isidor Kaufmann



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  Isidor Kaufmann »

Itshak Holtz (New York)

Itshak Holtz, born in Israel in 1927, is an artist totally immersed in the Jewish genre. He was born in Poland, grew up in Israel, mainly in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Geula, and for the last thirty-five years he has maintained homes in both New York and Jerusalem

Chasid with Violin Rading The News The Teylor Wedding Torah Study Klarnetist

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  Itshak Holtz »

Marc Chagall.

CHAGALL Marc, 1887-1985 (Rus. / FRA)

Marc Chahal Lithograph.

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  Marc Chagall. »

Margarita Vincler

Margarita Vincler was born on Decemer 5 ,1967.In the citi of Krasnodar,Russia,to certify that in 1985 she complited the full cource of secondary general school city of Zaporoshje.she took a course and fulfilled practical tasks in accordance with the curriculum of three-yearshool of artists and decoratorse at Zaporoshje Branch of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.She complited the full course in 1992.Margarita Vincler entered to certify that in 1992 the International Institute of State and Municipal Management and in 1996 she complited the full course .She has been granted the qualification of a social worker,psychologist.Margarita Vincler worked in Gallery"Artex" in Zaporoshje .She was the decorator and show her picture in the gallery.Thoday she working in the style of Judaika and interesting in the culture ,traditions of Jewish people.Her's pictures dedicated to the subject of mestechko life of Jewish people.After immigrating to the United States of America in 2001 ,she was to show her paintings in Art-Expo in 2004 in Jewice Jacobs Convinient Center.

Children in the Forest. The Lesson I. The Lesson II. The Boys Time.

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  Margarita Vincler »

Mark Kalpin (United States)

"Painting of nature contains roots of our culture, our love of environment and above all our love of Humanity". His special style and artistic technique are based on richness and diversity of nature. He seeks harmony and nature despite all cataclysmic events that happen in the world and establishes it in his works. Mark Kalpin's favorite seasons are fall and winter. He is able to catch all varieties of colors so as a spectator has a feeling that the painting is alive and breathing.

Still Life I Amsterdam. Landscape II. Landscape III. Landscape VI. Lanscape IX.

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  Mark Kalpin »

Nicola Kovach (Zvat)

Israeli Artist

Tiberias.. Safed. Tiberias Street in Old Tiberias. Lovers. Safed street II.

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  Nicola Kovach »

OSTADE Adriaen Jansz van.

OSTADE Adriaen Jansz van, 1610-1685 (Netherlands)

The Paainter. The Strolling Musicians. The Barn.

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  OSTADE Adriaen Jansz van. »

Peter Paul Rubens(1577-1640)

Marks and inscriptions: After Rubens; Print on paper; Inscribed 'Pet. Paul Rubens pinxit. S. à Bolswert sculpsit Artist: Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) Attribution: after) Boetius Adams Bolswert (1580-1633) (printmaker) Materials and Techniques: Print on paper. Place of Origin: Antwerp (probably, made). Date: Late 16th - mid 17th century made

Paulus Rubens Eching. Paul Rubens Etching.

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  Peter Paul Rubens(1577-1640) »


Rabanim by Talko

Bais Yisroel. Rabbi Pnei Menachem. Bobover Rebbe. Rav Kaduri. Rav Kuk. Rav Shach I.

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  Rabanim »

Rachel Paz. (Israel)

Israeli Artist

Old Jerusalem.David Roberts by Rachel Paz. Jerusalem Mountains.David Roberts by Rachel Paz. Old Jerusalem II.David Roberts by Rachel Paz. Old Jerusalem III.David Roberts By Rachel Paz.

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  Rachel Paz. »

Raphael Nouril

The Artist Raphael Nouril is at the forefront of classical art and contemporary Jewish art. He has produced paintings depicting key religious and political figures and all aspects of Jewish family life. In addition, he has painted a wide selection of secular subjects, including still life, metropolitan landscapes and portraits of celebrities and monarchs.

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  Raphael Nouril »

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn.

REMBRANDT Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, 1606-1669 (Netherlands)

An old Man with a divided Fur Cap . Landscape with a Cottage and Hay Barn: Oblong . Abraham and Isaac. The Circumcision in the Stable. REMBRANDT Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, 1606-1669 (Netherlands) REMBRANDT Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, 1606-1669 (Netherlands)

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  Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn. »

Remdy Burke

Remdy Burke is a talented artist creating exceptional watercolor paintings.

Boats An The Nile, in beautiful frame and non-reflective glass. Burke 2, in a beautiful frame and non-reflective glass. Boats 2, in a beautiful frame and non-reflective glass.

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  Remdy Burke »

Rubin Reuven

Rubin Reuven

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  Rubin Reuven »

Samuel Rothbort (New York)

There isn't such a thing as a great master or a great poet or a great actor or a great musician. Folk art is great and poor art is better than no art at all. Paint, carve, draw. Pencils are cheap. Wood and stone are plentiful on every step. Colors? Forget about permanency, as the last word is up to nature, and we should have confidence in nature. In a way our " Life is too short ." We have to go back to the Bible. "Death will be abolished forever," and in a broader sense, it is abolished already. Let's throw off the fear and do our art.

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  Samuel Rothbort »


Stpanl is a talented artist creating exceptional watercolor paintings.

Boats, in beautiful frame and non-reflective glass. Stpanl-2,Boats 2, in a beautiful frame and non-reflective glass. Stpanl 3 Stpanl 4 Stpanl 5 Stpanl 5

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  Stpanl »

Surpin (Israel)

From Israel

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  Surpin »


Israeli artist

Portrait Of Old Man. The Begger. The Tailor. Old Man Eating. Old Man. Tea Drinking.

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  Talko »

Unknown artist. (Unknown)

Unknown artist

Winter. Unknown Author.Etching. Unknown author.Etching. Flowers. Paris Jerusalem

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  Unknown artist. »

Valeriya Khomar (Montreal)

Valeriya Khomar

Four Winds. Clariti Admiration. Ties. Conversation. Glow.

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  Valeriya Khomar »

Venyamin Zaslavsky (Kiev)

"Painting is my passion, the beginning of all beginnings. A realistic orientation is my conviction. Realism requires professionalism and a high skill..." Artist Zaslavsky paints mostly architectural landscapes of Jerusalem and other places of Land of Israel. His works are found in Leading museums of the Ukraine, and also in private collections throughout Europe, Israel and the United States.

Old Jerusalem I Old Jerusalem V. Old Jerusalem IV. Old Jerusalem III. Old Jerusalem II. Jerusalem I.

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  Venyamin Zaslavsky »

Victor Brindatch (Israel)

"One of few talented artists in Russia", monthly periodical "Art", number 7, 1986; Academy of arts of USSR. A great master of realism and color coordination in the style of previous century artists, Victor creates his artwork in traditional and classic styles. A master of his techniques, he added to his Jewish and Biblical themes subjects about modern Israel endowing his work with the fresh view of a newcomer. He depicts scenes of his new homeland, the architecture, mix of people and customs to which he was introduced in his new environment.

Hassid`s Study I Hassid`s Study II Learning Torah I. Blessing Boys. Landscape 1. Still Life.

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  Victor Brindatch »

Vyacheslav Braginsky (Israel)

Under Alexander influence, Vyacheslav starts creating exceptional work showing Jewish life, holidays and traditions. Fascination of V. Braginsky's paintings and splendid compositions are connecting the past and future, old and young together, showing a connection between generations.

Roots. Chupach 2. Jewish Attributes 2. Coming With Torah. Chupach 3. Jewish Attributes 3.

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  Vyacheslav Braginsky »

Yossi Rosenstein

Mr. Rosenstein’s works have earned him an international reputation as a translator of Biblical themes to living art. Tremendous thought and creative talent are invested in each masterpiece. To achieve his goal of interpreting the ancient truths of Judaism to modern man, he combines modern symbolism with the techniques of classic art. The extra dimension of the profound thought embodied in each painting is a unique accomplishment which has become the watermark of Mr. Rosenstein’s works.

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  Yossi Rosenstein »

Yuri Dvornik

Iouri Khamitov, nom de plume Yuri Dvornik, was born in 1947 in Vladikavkaz City, Russia. He attended the Moscow School of Art to study painting and art restoration. He worked as a restorer for a time "giving new life to old paintings". He also trained as an architectural designer. Dvornik's paintings are realistic in style and yet idealist in subject matter. There is no political struggle or turmoil illustrated in these paintings, only the serene streets themselves.

Yuri Dvornik. Torah Study. Tashlich II. The Lesson I. Dreidel Players. Tashlich I.

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  Yuri Dvornik »

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